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    Recording studio services may be requested on the web by going to the state portal from the Chemodanov Production company. It is sufficient show your contact and name telephone number for opinions. The recording studio allows apps for producing sound advertising for radio and television, and also data congratulations as poems and songs for various special occasions upon an person request. In addition, extremely competent experts will allow you to pick the best acquire, remove unnecessary sound in the recording and process the seem, implement any additional impact and perform adjusting voice processing.

    Value requirement for audio recording services

    In the recording studio, you can order any ideal package of services. This is basically the production of video tutorials, songs content material and seem article-manufacturing. A recording studio with no audio engineer could be leased for just one thousand rubles hourly, the services of any noise director will surely cost one along with a one half thousands of rubles an hour, along with the lease from the premises. You can also order the creating of any text message or a set of scripts for 15 thousands of rubles or even more. More information about every one of the services offered by the Chemodanov Creation business are available in the in depth selling price collection.

    Organization main concerns

    The advantage of the recording studio is really a handy place, the potential of free storage of customer data for six months time, an original model of the task place, which takes into consideration the bodily qualities of noise and the policies of acoustics. The practical equipment of your saving firm conforms with all of global criteria. The room is equipped with an advanced effective ventilation system, which allows they to work perfectly.

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